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Home Schooling the Primary Student

While home schooling of the primary student is simply a continuation of the schooling we have already been performing on our preschoolers, it takes off, on a touch different note!While the preschooler was able to spend only a short time at studies, the...

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Plumbing: More Than Just A Dirty Job

There is no denying that most people think that they are "master fixers" when it comes to the things they have in their homes. But the thing is you will never always have the skills for everything. There will always be a chance of you bumping into a glitch...

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Comprehending or Cluttering

If you find yourself in a building that's on fire, a one-or-two-word answer is all you want to the question, "Where's the exit?" This is a step one kind of question and we're grateful for a quick answer. However, like I said before, there are other kinds...

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Tips For Successful Home Schooling

Home schooling is a primitive concept of imparting education. Before the compulsory attendance laws were introduced in the 19th century, most education across the world used to take place within the family or community. Home schooling involves the dissemination...

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Zero Cost Perks of Home Schooling

The simple truth is, you can easily design your homeschooling program in order for it to come free of cost. By 'free', we mean that you won't be spending an extra buck in addition to the regular crayons and pieces of paper that your usual school child...

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