The Different Types of Button-Down Oxford Shirts

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Button-down oxford shirts come in many styles, colors, and cuts. You will need to consider these options when choosing shirts for your business. Consider what type of business you have, what your employees will be doing while wearing these shirts and how you wish to appear to your clients. Button-down oxfords come in a variety of styles. The differences in collars, sleeves, and cuffs can change the look of the shirts you choose. You can choose from the banker's collar with two buttons at the neck, pin-point collars that have no buttons on the points of the collars or button collars; each giving the shirt a different look. The sleeves can come in different lengths also. There are the long sleeves, short sleeves and ? sleeves. Each will fit nicely under a suit jacket and tie. The cuffs are also something to consider. There are the two-button cuffs, French cuffs, and pointed cuffs. The two-button cuff hugs the wrist, the French cuff has one button for easier freedom of movement and the pointed cuffs flare away from the wrists. The color of the button-down oxfords you choose will also make a statement. Canada Goose Parka There are various designs, prints and solids available. You can choose a thin or wide pinstripe, vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes, small or large prints, and bold or soft solids. Here is where the type of business and what your employee will be doing comes into play. Color can affect performance of employees. Darker colors absorb the heat while lighter colors reflect heat. If your work in a temperature controlled environment then this will not be an issue, but if they work outside then it will be something to think about. White is a great color for the crisp clean appearance but not good when you work with oils, ink or anything else that might stain the shirts. You will want to personalize or customize these shirts to make them individual to your business and color will also affect what you wish to place on the shirts. If your logo is red then obviously a red shirt is not a good choice. The logo will blend into the shirt. Try to contrast the color without clashing the colors. The cut of the button-down oxford shirt is also something to think about. Darts, pleats, and shirt tails can determine how the shirts are worn. Darting will allow for a more form fitting shirt, pleats allow for more room in the shirt for movement or fit, and shirt tails will determine whether the shirt will be tucked in or left out. Most oxford shirts have pleating in the center back but pleating in the front from a yoke is also an option. This allows the shirt to expand in the front without adding pressure to the buttons. Shirt tails are worn in different way and most button-down oxford shirt do have tails for tucking, but a more casual look would be the straight hemming with no shirt tails. You are considering button-down oxford shirts for your business and you aren't sure which style, color, or cut is the best choice. Consider what type of business you have, what your employees will be doing and how you wish to present your business to your clients.

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