Sweatshirts and Jackets with Drawstrings Involved in Baby Clothes Recall

Published on by dallashollis

Mejoong Corp (d/b/a Hot Kids), in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Moncler Online Safety Commission, has recently recalled nearly 18,000 sweatshirts and jackets, starting with sizes in 2T.The drawstrings used on the baby clothes can pose a choking hazard. The recall affects the 7 styles as follows:Style number 903 in black and brownStyle number 2056 in black and whiteStyle number 2059 in various plaids Style number 4010 in various plaids Style number 4116-B in blue and whiteStyle number 4121 in black, navy, red, and greenStyle number 5027 in black, Moncler Jackets for Kids purple, and whiteThese baby sweatshirts and jackets are made in various materials including polyester and cotton and bear the names MJC, Hot Kids, and MJ Collection on the sewn-in label at the neckline.Manufactured in China and Vietnam, The Hot Kids Store in Los Angeles and various wholesalers across the United States sold these baby clothes from June 2002 through January 2010 for $6 to $15. As a reminder, these clothes may be found in consignment shops!Parents Moncler Jackets for Men should immediately remove the drawstrings or return the products to Hot Kids for a full refund of the purchase price. Hot Kids can be contacted via phone at 888-946-8546 or through the company website at mejoong.comVisit the CPSC website for full coverage of the Hot Kids baby clothes recall and to view the CPSC guidelines on the use of drawstrings in baby and children clothing.Return to the Baby Clothes Recall Homepage.

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