Shih Tzu - Exercise For Your Pregnant Shih Tzu

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You, the breeder, is also an obstetrician at the time your shih tzu is pregnant. To help her pregnancy and delivery you need to keep her in peak condition physically and emotionally. If she is not use to much exercise at all, you definitely need to tone her up during her pregnancy. Even a mild exercise routine will improve the health of your pregnant shih tzu. Beginning and maintaining a regular exercise routine is not hard or expensive. The ideal time, however, is before your shih tzu becomes pregnant. A mild program of exercise may be safely continued to the seventh week of pregnancy. The best exercise is simply daily walks. And remember moderation is the best approach.Small dogs, like the shih tzu, may be toned with a half mile daily. However, Canada Goose Norge you may want to work up to a mile depending on the weather and both your physical conditions. Beyond building and toning your shih tzu's physique, the sharing of a common recreation is good for her emotional health as well.Start your daily walks during the cooler hours of the warmer months, the warmer hours of the colder months. Each time of year has its own special dangers for your shih tzu. Begin your walks half-mile, one-quarter mile out, one-quarter mile back. Increase the distance the following week to a half mile out and a half mile back. Once you reach the half-mile level you can jog with your pregnant shih tzu if you desire, a few minutes at a time, but walking is highly recommended. Continue on this program until you are walking at least one mile daily if you desire.In hot weather, the shih tzu's body is closer to heat reflected from paved surfaces. Care must be given to exercising during any periods of hot weather. Dogs sweat through their pads and tongue. If your dog is breathing heavily with glazed eyes and a hanging out tongue, she could be in serious danger. Take along plenty of water and watch her for signs of "getting too hot." You don't want her to get over-heated at all. If she plops down or has minor tremors the moment she stop walking, get her to an emergency vet clinic as soon as possible. These are signs of heat exhaustion. So be careful about this.In cold weather, never leave a warm house and begin jogging right away. Muscles need to be stretched and warmed up to prevent injury, lameness or soreness. Winter months in areas of snow can be dangerous. Aside from slipping and falling, certain areas are often spread with slip retardants such as sand, salt or other chemicals. The salt and chemicals are harmful to the shih tzu's footpads. If you have no choice during the winter of exercising in areas free from chemicals, purchase water/chemical-proof booties, and rinse your shih tzu's feet thoroughly after returning home.In either hot or cold weather, check your shih tzu's feet daily. Check the pads and the soft-tissue areas between the pads for damage such as rawness, swelling, splitting or discoloration. Keep the nails trimmed.There is no reason for a normally active and healthy pregnant shih tzu to have her physical activities restricted. Such restrictions could be harmful to her during delivery through lack of muscle tone. Restriction from normal activity can also promote an emotionally discontent pregnant shih tzu. Her attitude can affect her puppies in utero and then later after whelping as well.If your shih tzu is used to playing with children, let her continue to do so at her own will and pace. Explain to your children to be extra careful with your pregnant shih tzu and avoid roughhouse play. Tell the children in terms they can easily understand, such as: Fetch is fine. Wrestling is out.Always comfort your pregnant shih tzu and let her know of your devotion to her with words and actions she is familiar with. Soon the little rascals will arrive and everyone will be soooo happy!

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