Ideas on How to Make an 80s Blouse

Published on by dallashollis

Many people remember the 1980s as a decade when everyone wore neon colors, stonewashed Moncler Store denim, wild patterns and shoulder pads. It's easy to make an authentic-looking 80s female blouse by altering a modern garment. Transform a shirt that you already own or search a thrift store for one with potential. By simply making a few changes or wearing it in a specific way, you can make the shirt look like it traveled through time. Yuppie BlouseIn the 80s, "young urban professionals" were called yuppies, and they dressed in formal office attire. Women's baggy button-down collared shirts were often made of silky synthetic fabric, stiff satin or regular cotton. Look for soft pastel colors or bold blacks and reds. For a more informal appearance, bright neon colors or patterns such as checkerboard, striped or polka-dot also accomplish the look. Button the shirt up to your neck, tuck it in and roll the sleeves up to your elbows. It was common for these shirts to have shoulder pads, so add them to Moncler Scarves the inside of the shirt. Use potholders as a quick substitute for shoulder pads. Another idea is to replace the original buttons with large gold-colored buttons.Yuppie Blouse AccessoriesThere are other ways to accessorize a yuppie blouse for a 80s look. Wrap a light, silky scarf around the neck, underneath the shirt's collar, and tie it into a loose bow at your throat. Add a funky, abstract brooch to the bow, or pin it on your chest. Another early 80s trend was for a women to wear a skinny necktie with a collared shirt. For a more feminine appearance, add a frill collar to the shirt. Fold a rectangle of matching fabric in half lengthwise, and sew a running stitch down the open side. Scrunch the fabric along the thread to form a ruffle, and sew the ruffle around the shirt's collar.Oversized BlouseBaggy shirts worn with tight pants was a popular 80s look. Search for a blouse that is at least two sizes too big and made from silk, cotton or stonewashed denim, depending on whether you want a formal or informal outfit. Oversized blouses were not meant to be tucked in at the waist. In fact, some oversized blouses extended down to women's knees and looked like shirt-dresses. Some baggy button-down blouses resembled oversized suit jackets, so it's possible to use a large suit jacket as an oversized blouse. Wrap a wide belt around your waist over the blouse or let it hang loose. Scrunch or roll the sleeves up to your elbows.Oversized Blouse AccessoriesTo make an oversized blouse look even more informal, cut the hem off of Moncler Jackets for Kids the neckline, letting the frayed opening droop off one shoulder. For a finishing touch, embellish the sweater with plastic rhinestones or sequins by attaching them to the fabric with puff paint. Another idea appropriate for V-necked or button-down blouses is to layer a turtleneck or collared shirt below the blouse. These blouses commonly had shoulder pads, so attach them into the inside of the shirt --- the bigger the better. For the best effect, coordinate the colors of the shirt so that it almost matches the blouse, but not quite.

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