How to Care for Soccer Cleats

Published on by dallashollis

Proper care of soccer cleats will not only determine how long they last, it is an important ritual of the sport, and will enforce discipline. It is most important to care for leather cleats, but synthetic ones (made for younger players) also benefit from proper care. UGG Boots Damp ClothsDamp clothsCream Shoe PolishDehumidifiersSuggest Edits1Understand fit. Cleats, especially leather ones, mold to the foot, allowing for an optimum feel for the ball.2Start when cleats are right out of the box. Put them on, tie them, and soak your feet in water. Then take them off and let them dry in the shape of your feet.3Hand-wash only. Never put cleats in the washing machine. This breaks down the materials.4Tap cleats together or against a hard surface to remove mud stuck to the bottoms.5Clean cleats immediately after use. Wipe soiled cleats with a damp cloth.6Take more drastic measures for very dirty cleats. Soak them in lukewarm, soapy water. Some players even take them into the shower while bathing.7Apply leather protector, followed by shoe polish, after each cleaning.8Buff cleats after the polish dries.9Dry naturally or in front of a dehumidifier. Never machine-dry.

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