How to Care for a Sheepskin Rug

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Sheepskin rugs provide timeless style with a hardy, rustic look. While these rugs are naturally durable, they do require routine maintenance and the occasional cleaning to maintain a neat and fluffy appearance. All sheepskins can be hand washed, and many can be machine washed. Each sheepskin rug is different, so consult the rug's tag or retailer before cleaning. Pet brushMild liquid detergent or lanolin-based cleanerWashing machineSheepskin shampooSheepskin conditionerSuggest EditsGeneral Maintenance1Shake the sheepskin rug vigorously outdoors to loosen foreign particles and fluff the fibers.2Brush the rug with a pet brush to loosen stubborn dirt and restore padded wool fibers to their natural fluffiness.3Air out the rug for an hour or two on a flat surface or clothesline outdoors to keep the rug smelling fresh. Select a cloudy day for airing out UGG Blog sheepskin, as direct sunlight may damage its appearance.Hand Washing1Brush and shake out the rug to loosen dirt and foreign particles.2Prepare a sink or tub of warm water.3Mix mild liquid detergent or a lanolin-based cleaning product into the water.4Massage the rug by hand, loosening dirt and squeezing out water as you go.5Rinse the rug thoroughly under warm water. Avoid cleaning the rug with water hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.6Hand squeeze the rug, getting it as dry as possible.7Allow the rug to air-dry.Machine Washing1Place the rug in a washing machine.2Select the "wool wash" cycle with warm water.3Add a sheepskin shampoo and sheepskin conditioner, or a mild, bleach-free liquid laundry detergent to the machine.4Allow the machine to run a short cycle, but do not agitate the rug for more than four minutes.5Remove the rug from the washer, and allow it to air-dry.6Brush the rug with a pet brush to restore its downy appearance, as machine washing may have flattened or curled the rug's fibers.

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