Harley Davidson Leather Jackets The Iconic Piece of Motorcycle Apparel

Published on by dallashollis

When you think of motorcycles you eventually end up picturing the iconic selection Moncler Outlet Harley Davidson leather jackets. Leather jackets have become synonymous with the rebel, outlaw, individual, freethinker and part of the American image. While not only motorcycle riders wear leather jackets the connection has been forever ingrained in our psyche by movies, TV and literature.Who doesn't think of Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" when you think of motorcycles and leather jackets? This movie introduced the idea of the rampaging outlaw biker to the masses and helped fuel the fire behind the rise of clubs like the Hells Angels. The fear, awe and over hyped press the Angles got in their early days were a direct result of "The Wild Ones". This bad press led the Moncler Jackets for Kids head of the American Motorcycle Association to make his famous statement that "99% of motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens." The outlaw clubs proudly embraced this and labeled themselves as "1%ers". You'll commonly find them wearing this patch on their leather jackets.While most bikers are not outlaws many embrace the fashion and aggressive look of these notorious groups. Harley Davidson leather jackets have become common amongst bikers and non-riders alike. You'll commonly see wives and girlfriends who never ride sporting these jackets just because they complete the look.While fashion and image may be a motivating factor for many when it comes to buying a jacket Harley Davidson leather jackets are a smart and sensible purchase. Not only do they look cool but the thick durable leather acts like a protection from the elements and the road if you go down. A top quality leather jacket could mean the difference between you having skin on your upper body or not. Harley offers a wide selection of leather riding jackets to suit any Moncler Jackets for Men need you have. They come in a variety of styles, colors and some even have inserts for synthetic body armor. No matter what you're looking for in a leather jacket Harley has it.

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