Contemporary Towel Rails - Ideas and Options

Published on by dallashollis

Contemporary fixtures are straightforward, intuitive and yes, ultra functional. They reduce your bathroom clutter and keep your towels from getting too damp for comfort. To top all that, contemporary designs can look smashing as well. That is the reason why these types of accessories are all the rage today, and contemporary towel rails are no exception. If you look up towel rails on Google or any other search engines, you would notice that a majority of options are the contemporary kind. The good news is that, contrary to popular belief, contemporary towel rails are not limited to the 'minimalist' kind. There are modern bathroom rails that don't look so bare; as a matter of fact, there are designs that can get rather dramatic. If you have a contemporary bathroom and you want something that can spruce up the area but would hate something that would look like it's straight out of a futuristic, doomsday movie, check out the following design options. Square It Canada Goose 7950M You may have noticed that most contemporary towel rails are made of circular tubes. If you want a literally edgy look, you can go for those square tubular ladder rails. It has a practical design and would look stunning on your bathroom. Check out the other rails available in flat ovals as well. Designer Contemporary Bathroom Rails If quirkiness and innovation is the name of your game, you can take a look at the lines of designer contemporary rowel rails. Examples of towel rails under this category are the famous hot hoop, a series of gleaming heating coils that can warm that towel while looking totally inconspicuous. There are even towel rails in the paper clip form so if you are in the mood for fun fixtures that would add a nice twist to a bathroom that looks all business, go for these. Contemporary Rail Colors There is more to modern than a highly polished silver sheen. There are contemporary towel rails that come in what some people call 'designer' black. White is also a popular color as it a rather subdued, and although it more commonly appears in traditional pieces, there are cases when a white piece would complement the rest of the bathroom accessories. Serpentine bathroom Rails If you are tired of tubes and ladders, and a little play of color still won't do, you can go for this winding work piece and check out how it can make your bathroom look more exciting. Natural Stone Bathroom Rails Who would have thought anybody can do with stainless steel and brass, but some bathroom lovers just couldn't resist coming up with a towel rail that is made of topnotch marble and granite. The 'backboards' would bring spa-like zing to your bathroom, what with its heat-retention qualities and the ambience it creates. These types of rails can be low cost as well. Contemporary towel rails are slowly becoming bathroom essentials, instead of the extras that they once were. It looks like this isn't going to change soon, as there are few things in this world that could be as functional as they are beautiful.

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