Can You Keep a Secret?

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"Can You Keep a Secret?"?"Sure!" you say, but my Pop used to claim the only way three-folks can keepan important secret is – if Two of them are dead!?OK, I admit it - I am a genetic and trained Contrarian (law school does that for people). When I read scholarly reports or listen to brilliant folks try to explain theirscientific research - two opinions bubble up in my tiny brain.?First, "So What?" (like WIITM – What's In It for Me?). Second, "Who Cares?" –? meaning if it's NOT relevant to my own interests – Go-Fly-A-Kite! My best friendcalls me a Miscreant – I had to look it up – it means evil, a villain, and depraved.Comes from Latin meaning, Mis (not) and Credent - to be believed. Cool.?What's Secrets?This week I finished a book called The Divided Mind, John D. Secrets of a Cover Letter The cover letter is a powerful "door opener." Canada Goose Jakker Keep the cover letter simple with just five sections to create the first link in a chain of steps to a successful new job. The Secrets to Writing a Resume That Gets Results Finding yourself contemplating a job change, or recently the victim of downsizing? Learn the secrets to landing your next targeted job that begins with writing your resume. This three part article addresses everything from the various types of resumes, things the hiring manager is looking for when reviewing this document, as well as how you can use the secrets of professional recruiters to get your resume read, and the interview scheduled. Job Seeking Secrets: Organize Your Attack A systematic approach to job search can help you focus on your goal, avoid wasting the energy you need to conserve for interviews and employer contacts, and lower your stress level. A Blockbuster Cover Letter - Hollywood's Secret For Writing a Cover Letter That Makes the Phone Ring In Hollywood, there are Big Suits and there are lackeys. The Big Suits have the power to green light projects. But the truth is they never see the great majority of screenplays that screenwriters submit. That's because the lackey's job is to screen the daily deluge of projects so only the best get through. Figuring out how to work with these folks can tell you a lot about writing a cover letter.Sarno, M.D. at NYUMedical Center. He is a lecturer to medical students plus physicians, and has a private practice for patients.?Bottom line: the medical community does not believe in nor practice, Psychosomatic Medicine. Dr. Sarno says there is an epidemic of mindbody disorders because doctors and hospitals push surgery and drugs, and ignore the research aboutthe origin of most illnesses. Psycho is mind, and somatic equals body. So??After finishing his book and researching his arguments, I'm a believer. In what?We have serious pain and disability because it is our defense mechanisms against our repressed emotions. Folks would rather suffer years of backpain or carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery and pills, than deal with their scary emotional issues. Second Book?Speed Readers are never intimidated by a bunch of books to read and analyze. Weown a secret that instill self-esteem and confidence. It is called a RasterMaster, ahandheld laser pacer that trains our eyes to at least triple (3x) our learning time, and doubles (2x) our attention, concentration and memory. Not for reading novels, just text.?Simultaneously, I finished "Emotional Intelligence", by Daniel Goleman. It is 15 years old classic about the meaning of "smart".? He documents research thatIQ aint all of it.

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