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Boots are one of the hottest fashion items; in fact, they've pretty much always been a hot fashion item since the dawn of horseback riding, and they are always in style. Here's a little bit more information about riding boots, thigh-highs and anklets. HistoryThe boot was developed in horseriding as a way of protecting the leg against the horse, and particularly protecting a warrior in battle. Because there is a very major artery in the leg, it was fairly easy to kill a man who was riding his horse with unprotected legs. The earliest armor was stiffened leather; as armor developed into studded leathers, metals and chain mails, these were placed over the boots. Meanwhile, the boot had developed its own importance as not only a fashionable item, but also as protective covering (for example, the development of the Wellington, or Wellies, in England, rubberized UGG Blog footwear that hunters wore and which became an indicator of poshness, or waders used by fisherman and clam diggers).FunctionCurrently, boots have two primary functions: protective and fashionable. Rarely do the two cross, though occasionally popular boots are also viable sources of protection, like Ugg boots that are actually very warm, insular and can be waterproofed, making them an ideal cold weather and snow boot. As for fashion, the classic black boot has been a fall and winter staple for decades. Protective footwear includes snow boots, ski boots, rain boots and variations on those themes of protecting against inclement weather. Additionally, there are hiking boots that generally combine protective features (like waterproofing and durability) with a more mobile shoe.SizeThe warmer and more protective the footwear, the clunkier it is likely to be, providing layers of warmth or protection around the foot. The more fashionable the boot, the more likely it is to have a sleeker, sexier silhouette. They range in height from right at the ankle (often called "anklets") all the way to mid thigh. Fishermen's waders are boots connected to a waterproof suit, so essentially these boots continue above waist height.BenefitsAside from being ideal for warmth and dealing with varieties of fall and winter weather (dry feet in a snowstorm are not only comforting, but also much safer for your health, mostly because the blood drains away from cold feet and makes them less likely to feel pain and damage from frostbite), boots are very cute, comfortable and easy to wear; Ugg boots have become wildly popular by being remarkably cozy but also exceptionally effective and durable.MisconceptionsNote that a good pair of boots is key for navigating the winter, especially in a snow-bound place, but boots will have little effect against ice or slick surfaces, no matter the efficacy of their traction.

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